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Super fast Broadband at Welton ?

After months of waiting, meetings and promises of its coming, Super Fast Broadband is now available at Welton Le Marsh. The Openreach web site
shows Cab 1 off of Scremby exchange has been fibre enabled.
How ever when we try to order it we are being told " The length of line is to long for Superfast speeds and they are actively looking at other options ".
Can someone explain the reasoning behind this as if my understanding is correct if fibre has reached/enabled at Cab the length of line should cause no problems. I am only 20 metres from cab so the copper part will not affect line speed
Cab 1 is too far for welton thats in candelsby, you have a new cab in welton village now opp the wheel pub you will come off that for fibre depending where you live, some will also come of the new cab on gunby roundabout. Not sure about mill lane as thats the way the main cable comes into the village , so they are before the new cab in welton.

Im sure someone will tell you a bit more.
Good Morning Mark,

Can you please send me your full address, postcode etc. (in confidence) to my e mail address below and I will check this out for you.

Thanks for info Moo Min.
Most people thought our lines came off of the cab opposite wheel pub but if they come off Cab 1 at Candlesby I understand now how the line loss across copper will affect broadband speed.
Incidentally the cab opposite pub looks to be Cab 6. Just need to find out now when that will be ready !

I have the same question. could you check it for me now?
Good Morning ,

BT has said that originally, lines were coming off Cabinet 1 but they are diverting lines via Cabinet 6. They will complete this shortly and we will update our website accordingly.

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