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Slow fibre Deeping St James

I live in Church Street Deeping St James (PE6 8HD) and fibre speed is about 10-11mb. I'd assume this is because the telephone line isn't routed to any of the nearest cabinets but one some distance away.

Do OpenReach ever change the cable routings to improve speeds or are there any other plans to improve the performance?
Good Morning Stuart,

Under normal circumstances, BT do not normally change the routing of existing end users.

However, they do occasionally carry out this exercise under this programme in certain cases.

Having looked at your postcode, I can confirm that we are planning further upgrades to that postcode over the coming 12 months. Planning hasn't commenced as yet, so probably worth giving us a shout in late Autumn when we should have a bit more detail.

i also live in deeping st james ,just slightly further away from stuart on eastgate (pe68hh)
i also have the same issue with my cabinet being over a mile away and have been told only 2 mb fibre ,when im getting 6 mb broadband,i cannot see how it makes sense for my cabinet to be so far away when theres one about 500 m from my property ?
please bring us into modern times
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