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Spalding Cabinet 60

This is a follow on from the thread regarding Cabinet 29 for those who have been moved to Cabinet 60 and should make easier for those seeking info regarding Cabinet 60.

I'm now having to resort to using 4G data to connect to my office over VPN due to the poor broadband connection both in terms of speed and latency, 4G is running 10x faster and the latency if a fraction but is very expensive so not a long term solution.

I asked in the other thread and will ask again because the was no response, are the roadwork items I'm seeing along the B1165 between the A16 and Board Gate related to this roll out to finally to put fibre into Cabinet 60? I'd like to know this so I can plan how to proceed with ensuring that I'm able to work remotely. I.e do I relocate, invest in 4G in the interim or sit tight.

Good Afternoon Allan,

The new cabinet is situated on Austendyke Road, roughly 300m from the junction with Broad Gate, so it certainly sounds promising.

Hopefully BT can hurry up. I am also working from home at the moment and having go tether from my mobile, which is not great as it’s costly and exhausting my data allowance but it’s 10x faster than the “broadband” currently available. Hopefully this won’t be any longer, though I wouldn’t be surprised if December rolls around and we’re still not any further to getting any faster speeds. ????
According to the update Project updates page
Project Update - Week ending 13th April 2018
Completed cabinet list
Cabinet 13 on the PARSON DROVE exchange
Cabinet 60 on the SPALDING exchange
Cabinet 7 on the WRAGBY exchange

I tried to order an upgrade and BT advised Fibre is not available for my landline.
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