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Toynton Fenside

a couple of years ago i asked if i would be getting superfast broadband. Our local cabinet 7 in Toynton All Saints has been enabled but i too far away from me. I've heard of phase 3 when is it likely to be implemented in my area?

yours Rikki Dodds
Hi Rikki
I'm also in Toynton Fenside. We are close enough to the cab to get fibre but only at 15mb.
Phase 3 is currently underway in Toynton Fenside and I have been told will be complete by the end of June. The new service being installed is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and will be up to 330mb depending on your package.
However, you'll need to check that your postcode is included.
Have a look at the phase 3 partial build and full build postcode spreadsheets on the 'phase 3 rollout information' on the News tab of this site. If you're postcode is on the full build, you'll definitely be getting FTTP. If you are on the partial build, you might get it. If you're not on either then I guess you won't be included in this phase. We are lucky and are on the full build. You will have probably seen the new fibre splitters and distribution nodes appearing on the telegraph poles. The splitters are like black canisters with two fibre cables entering at the bottom. Some areas you might not see them though as they could have the infrastructure underground instead. Hope this helps!
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