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Spalding cabinet 60

As anyone any idea when Broadgate speeds will improve . I have searched the internet in vain . I have had speeds of about one and a half mbs for the last 18 years . Just read people are complaining at getting less than 10 . They should be so lucky !
Your not alone, this has been going on for years with several very long delays, see the two threads linked below.

I do however believe they maybe installing the fibre right now the are roadworks in place for it, onlincolnshire can't or won't actually confirm anything for some reason and have been vague when I asked.

The DSL checker has recently been updated with a new VDSL section containing the expected speeds ranges so you can check using a BT phone number (or Plusnet) others will need to use postcode checker. I take the fact its been updated as another sign its going ahead.
According to the update Project updates page
Project Update - Week ending 13th April 2018
Completed cabinet list
Cabinet 13 on the PARSON DROVE exchange
Cabinet 60 on the SPALDING exchange
Cabinet 7 on the WRAGBY exchange

I tried to order an upgrade and BT advised Fibre is not available for my landline.
I saw that, called them up and told it’s not yet up and running. Bottom line is that it’s not completed and there’s still a lot of work being done by BT by the looks of it. I just wish they would hurry as it’s gone from August, October, December then January and we’re in May now...My religion is well and truly being tested now...
Any update on this...?
It's finally complete!

I've ordered and have now received my new connection (7 days later). This is providing around 30mb down and 6mb up. My location is probably the greatest distance in Weston Hills from Cabinet 60 so I'm more than happy with those speeds.

This has already provided a huge change for us particularly to my work life and no longer have to struggle to make Skype calls and wait for emails. The kids can now use YouTube and online gaming without causing any issues.
Good Afternoon Allan,

Excellent news and we are so pleased we finally managed to get there.

Thank you for your patience.

Good luck

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