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Who do I need to contact?


My broadband is connected to a telegraph pole 30m from my house and is copper only. My neighbours are having FTTP installed from another pole that is 35m the other direction from my home. There appears to be no technical reason why a spare fibre cable can not be run to my house. I simply need to switch poles. There are two spare connections available from this pole, and the distance to my house is no different to one of the other homes being supplied.

The problem is BT will not accept the FTTP order because the database says I can not get FTTP at the moment, and in addition it seems my address is not even on the database as it is a conversion from two previous properties. I look out of my window at the fibre pole and wonder what do I need to do to get the cable this short distance to my property??

This is very frustrating. Am I doomed to 3Mbps forever?
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