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Tattershall Bridge - Cabinet 20

Hi Stephen

Is there a date for the live to live migration for the cabinet above yet please.

Hi David,

We have nothing as yet, but BT are chasing ISPs again and we hope for more positive news at next Wednesday's meeting.

Hi Stephen,

Just thought I'd let you know the cabinet is now live. Thanks for you and your teams work getting this up and running.
Good Morning David,

Thanks very much .

Please accept our apologies for the delays, but hopwefully everything will be fine.

All the Best
Is this cabinet 20 the newish one on the A153 near to the MoT garage at TB.?

I thought it was only installed a few months ago. Then i saw 2 Openreach vans in my road opposite the Royal Oak pub looking at the conduits in the pavement but they told me it was bloacked. I still dont know if my signal is an overhead cable or undergroundn or what they are going to do to improve the service. Is this cabinet is FTTC from Coningsby.?

Is this cabinet part of Phase 2 or 3? LN4 4JL seems to be for partial completion, so what does this mean? Will Tattershall Bridge Road be upgraded to connect to this new cabinet?
I am still only getting 3mbps but i need to check with BT what my package is.
Further to my message earlier today, i have now discovered that I am linked to Cabinet 3 LN4 4JL and yet at least 2 houses on my road, one nearly opposite me, are on Cabinet 20 which is a lot, lot closer!!

How is this so and what can i/we do in getting Openreach to get hooked up to this new cabinet, its not likely it will be full, and taking connections off Cab3 will surely free up other lines. It all just doesnt make technical sense!

Please help find out about this !!

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