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bratoft and irby in the marsh

hi, many months ago new cabinets were installed in bratoft and irby in the marsh. I understand fibre was connected to the bratoft cabinet. 1. why hasn't the bratoft cabinet been enabled given fibre was connected to it? 2. when will the bratoft cabinet be enabled? 3. when will the irby in the marsh cabinet be enabled? thanks, Daniel Snee
Good Morning Daniel,

To enable me to answer your question more accurately, can you please tell me which postcode you are actually concerned with.



PE24 5DJ
Good Morning Daniel,

The postcode quoted is fed from the new planned Cabinet 8 off Burgh Exchange. Unfortunately, this is currently on hold as costs are way above projected. we are looking at how we might reduce these costs or find an alternative.

Hi Steve, thank you so much for the update. New Cabinet 8 exists (it's been installed). What's baffling me is the Openreach chap I spoke to said that Cabinet 8 already has fibre and power I don't know what else needs doing? (Unless I've misunderstood him). I realise this cabinet may be connected to another new cabinet in Irby in the marsh (several 100 meters away) which may be where additional costs lay. But that still doesn't explain why Openreach can't enable Cabinet 8 and leave the irby in the marsh one turned off until budget allows final works to/for it? Could you ask them? Thanks again, Daniel.
Hi, just wondering if 1. there's any update? Years go by and people in irby in the marsh and bratoft are stuck on 1mbs broadband. And now we have 2 new cabinets (see previous tweets) but due to cost overuns work has been suspended. Locals call them the green tombstones! Remeber weve been marooned with dire broadband for YEARS! 2. If there's still no update when do you think there may be news? Thank you.
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