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Why have i not had a reply from September?

I put a question on the Tattershall Bridge query about cabinet 20 but have not had a reply!
I am on cabinet 3 at Tattershall /Coningsby but there is now the above new cabinet 20 much closer to me that #3. I currently only get 3mbps on standard BB so dont know if its worth paying extra for BT faster BB or even move to another ISP.

What i would like to know is how do i request to be linked to this new one?
Do i apply through BT or Openreach. Also i do not know if i am on overhead or underground copper cable. Some months ago Openreach were in my street near the old bridge looking at a coinduit with a reel of cable but they said the conduit was blocked. Dont know if they have given up or looking at another solution!!

Please please reply!
Good Morning Richie,

Can you please remind me of your postcode and this will allow me to give a more accurate response.

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