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ERDF Broadband Pilots

I live at Welton le Wold in the Legbourne political ward, in the "Wolds" target area of East Lindsey. My post code is LN11 0QT, which is listed on page 17 of the annex
Broadband_Pilots_-_Pilot_Locations_Postcodes.pdf .

I read in Paragraph 2.2.1. of the publication Broadband_Pilots_-_Public_Consultation.pdf that 'within the defined areas, broadband services will be provided such that at least 90% have superfast broadband (30 Mbps or faster) and the remaining 10% have access to basic broadband (at least 2 Mbps, and preferably faster). There should be no not-spots where no adequate broadband is available.'

It appears from the table at Annex B that, by June 2012, 30% of the 967 lines in Legbourne political ward will have >30 Mbps and only 10% will have <2 Mbps speeds (as opposed to 0% and 84% now).

If so, that is wonderful news for us. But it would require vast amounts of work on the infrastructure, and I do not see much happening. Have I misunderstood it?
This is based on the information that we have from BT relating to the upgrade of the Louth exchange. 29 out of the 37 cabinets in the Louth Area have been/or are being upgraded. The assumption is that the cabinet which servces Legbourne will be upgraded, and as a result there will be a better service for residents and businesses from June 2012.
"The cabinet which services Legbourne" is only relevant to that parish. But "Legbourne political ward" covers an area approaching 100 sq km, including 14 parishes with many roadside cabinets.
I get the impression from your answer above that the fibre-optic cables will only be installed as far as the roadside cabinets. This means that the "last mile" (nearly two miles in our case) will remain copper (and some of it aluminium in our case). Therefore I can see many of us getting little improvement, except for those within a stone's throw of a cabinet.
On 2nd May I saw three BT OpenReach vans working between Louth and South Elkington, in the Pilot Scheme Target Area. I asked one employee who was on his lunch break, and he confirmed that the work was to install fibre-optic cables, though he didn't know any more details. He suggested that I ask my ISP.
As we understand the service deteriorates the further a user is from the cabinet. However, every premise in Lincolnshire is guaranteed a minimum of 2mbps by 2015.  

You are probably correct to say that not all premises will see a big improvement but 90% of all premises will have superfast broadband by 2015. In addition it is worth keeping an eye for the services that the local wireless suppliers are rolling out and satellite broadband is another option. The latter is not perfect but the prices are falling and the available speeds are increasing.

Thank you for that reply, Jenny. It is reassuring that every premise is guaranteed at least 2mbps by 2015.
I have just done a check on this line, which is on the Louth exchange. I am getting 0.362 mbps downstream and 0.208 upstream, which is about average for the line.
And satellite latency remains the same - that is, dire.  

A round trip by satellite is 160,000km, which is 0.5s at the speed of light.  To fetch a web page you have to do that round trip at least twice before you will start to see anything of the webpage you're trying to look at.

Technically the connection is faster; in practice it doesn't always feel that way.
Dear Jenny,
Thank you for the information that Superfast Broadband has now reached the first homes and businesses in Louth. As the one who started this thread, four miles from Louth as the crow flies, I can say that my downstream rate has improved by one third, from 0.362 to 0.456 Mbps. The upstream rate remains at 0.211. I presume the improvement is due to the fibreoptic cable having been laid between Louth exchange and the cabinet at Boswell on the A631. The last couple of miles remains copper and aluminium, so I am not holding my breath for any further improvement.
Kind regards,
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