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No Upgrades

Today I have spoken via email to Mr Brookes I have been the most out spoken person regarding the area's selected for upgrades to there BT exchanges and the implementation of wireless internet.

Firstly regarding the wireless internet we were both correct, AB Internet haven't increased there prices since signing the agreement to supply the service with the Onlinc's team what occurred was a typing error, I was quoting the error price and they were quoting the actual price so while I make my apologise to the Onlincs team and AB Internet they understand it arose from a typo.

Now regarding the planned area's Onlincs have selected as no upgrades, Yes like people who are in the area's that are getting nothing I was enraged why is my area treated differently to the next village along why are you doing nothing to help us, Today Mr Brookes convinced me I was wrong since signing the BDUK agreement to bring superfast broadband to Lincolnshire the Onlinc's team had a very hard decision as to where the upgrades would take place, We all know these decision would leave around 20% (including area covered by wireless) with out the superfast broadband through the telephone line but that wasn't the end of it the Onlincs team continued there fund raising and have secured a further £2.8 Million for the area's who wouldn't get anything so now the superfast rollout covers 89%, So while I was right in expressing my disappointment the no upgrades area's was still a main and active part Onlincs were working on.


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