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Question FTTC Speeds

FTTC is a big speed forward for many parts of the rural community and I would like a question answered by BT if you can please.

2 People who live close to me are experiencing different speeds on the current broadband the 1st lives 1.6km from the phone cabinet has a router sync speed of 7.8meg has good download speed for the area of between 500kb and 700kb per second. The second person who lives 0.8km from the cabinet has a router sync speed of 4.8meg and download speeds of approx 300kb per second. Will this be a indication of speeds they will get after the FTTC is installed with the one further away getting better speeds due to influence's on his line e.g newer line less people using that line than the one who is closer who has a older line and alot more people on that line or will it be reversed due to proximity to the cabinet.

All of the villages phone lines appear to be under ground do these get laid under the roads or do they have a more direct route to the cabinet.

From what you report the sync speeds and throughput rates don't seem to stack up.
If you have a 7.8 Mbps sync speed then you ought to have an IP profile of 6500 and a maximum throughput speed of 6.5 Mbps (6500 kbps) rather than 500-700 kbps as you state. Is there a '0' missing somewhere?

The quality of the service is directly in proportion to the quality of the line from the local cabinet to the end user - that is a line with high noise related to signal will have a lower potential throughput speed set to ensure a stable connection.

One one person uses each line though - each 'pair' has its own connection in the cabinet and is not shared with others - although new lines may be better as theay have better, cleaner or less connections between the cabinet and the end user.

FTTC wont change this - if your speed is low get onto your ISP and complain about your speed and they can get Openreach to investigate the quality of the line.
Yes apologies I was missing 0 from the speeds, My personal speed is good im 1.6km ish from the cabinet and I sync at 8meg and I have a low noise line so I expect a serious speed upgrade when FTTC is installed but was looking at 2 people who have such different speeds and are opposite to what they should be.
Here is a Noise Test for your line that you can do yourself


You should use a wired telephone connected to your BT test socket. This guide shows you how to access the test socket.

Ensure you have a method of noting the date, time and results of the test (i.e. pen and paper/computer).

1.Once you have your telephone connected to the BT test socket dial 17070. You will reach BT's line test facility.

2.Choose option 2 from the menu presented - "Quiet Line Test".

3.If your telephone has the option, put it on mute. You should hear nothing through the handset.

4.If you do hear any line noise, crackling, buzzing, popping or humming, note the time when you conducted the test.

5.Repeat the test several hours later to determine if the noise is present - again noting the time. If no noise is present this time repeat the test at different times, noting if and when the noise is present.

Note: Faults of this kind are caused by a number of different factors - including some that may only occur at particular parts of the day (e.g. when it's light or when it's dark) or during different kinds of weather (windy, rain, storms etc.). Recording this additional detail may also help with your telephone service provider's investigations.

6.Once you have identified the times when noise occurs contact your telephone service to report a fault.

7.Keep hold of the record of the times tested throughout the duration of the fault, to ensure any work by your telephone service provider looks at any specific times when the problem occurs.

If you experienced problems with your Broadband service, and a noise fault has been fixed by your telephone service provider, monitor the Broadband connection for around 24 hours to ensure the service has a chance to adjust to the line working correctly.
At 1.6 km from the cabinet your minimum speed should be 19.8Mbps when upgraded according to published figures.
I think these are very conservative though and quite likely you would get substantially more.
With VDSL/FTTC your maximum throughput speed should be approx 96.79% of the sync speed.

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