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Ill add how to guides here if anyone needs any help with any thing computer related dony pay out for expensive engineer visit's as most things can be fixed simply and quickly yourself

Here's the first a simple Speed test to see your current speed also good for comparing once your cabinet has had the FTTC installed to see what speed increase you have had.

Browse to and click Begin Test.

Once the test is complete and the results are shown click Further Diagnostics.

Enter the telephone number for the line being tested and click Run Diagnostic Test.

The page will change indicating the test is now running. When completed you will see the following information:

Download speed achieved during the test was [value]

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is [value 1 - value 2]

Additional Information:
Assured Rate IP Profile for your line is - [value]

IMPORTANT: Write this down or copy-and-paste it to a text document and save it as you will need this later. Be sure to note the date and time of the test.
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