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What is the definition of BASIC BROADBAND?

What speed is regarded as BASIC broadband? and how is it determined ?

According to the 'My Area' report, my postcode area LN2 3PN (serviced by the Welton exchange) is due for Phase 2 upgrade between April 2014 and September 2014 (Hurrah).

The report states :-
Based on County Council projections, the 2818 premises in LN2 3 should receive the following speeds:
- 9% of Premises will get Basic Broadband.
- 91% of Premises will get Superfast Broadband.

I live approx. 2.5 miles from the exchange in Welton (as the crow flies) and approx. 1.5 miles from the BT cabinet situated near the crossroads to Welton, Cold Hanworth, Hackthorn and Spridlington.
I currently get an average download speed of approx. 2 meg and an upload speed of .34 meg, via BT Internet with a Home Hub 4. Am I on basic broadband now?, should I expect to see an improvement ?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards - Ozzie Orlowski
Good Morning Ozzie,
For the purposes of this project, Basic Broadband is defined as download speeds between 2Mbs and 24Mbs.
Assuming your distance calculations to be correct, you should see some improvement post implementation. Your distance from the cabinet (approx 2.41Km) will not support Superfast, but should provide an improvement on what you currently have. When your cabinet goes live (we will update our website on Friday afternoons), you should contact your Internet Service Provider to see what they will offer.
Please do let us know if there are any issues with this.


Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Hi Steve, thank you very much for your reply, it's greatly appreciated. I'll certainly keep checking on Friday afternoons, and when it does go live I'll be contacting BT Internet asap.

It's nice to know that I should expect some improvement, any is welcome :)

Kind Regards - Ozzie Orlowski
Fridays update (4th April) shows that 5 cabinets on the Welton exchange have been updated this week. Unfortunately no speed increase so far :(

Fingers crossed for the future.

Regards - Ozzie
Hi Ozzie,

Thanks for writing in to us.

When a cabinet goes 'Live' end users off that cabinet will need to contact their Internet Service Providers to see what upgrades they can get. The increase in speed post-implementation isn't automatic and normally requires a change in contract with your provider.

Please do let us know if you have any problems after you have contacted them.


Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Hi Steve, I contacted BTinternet and it appears that my broadband is provided by cabinet 4. Unfortunately cabinet 4 was not one of the ones upgraded :(.

Hopefully, as they have done some of them, the rest won't be far behind but........

Regards - Ozzie
Hi Ozzie

It is definately in the programme and work is ongoing. Should be completed very soon. Please check the wbsite on Fridays for an update.


Any upgraded speed without any action on your part will be limited as the only the copper from exchange to cabinet has been replaced. Normally this copper will be fine and it's the copper from cabinet to house that will give poor speeds.

However to upgrade to Fibre you will normally need an engineer to come install a new faceplate to plug your new fibre router into (Home Hub 5 with BT)
Hi again Steve, is there any more info about Welton number 4 cabinet? I saw from the project updates that the cabinet was in position on 9th July and was awaiting power. Is there any eta for the power connection ? It's really frustrating to see the 'box' in place ready to go, but not hearing anything else.

Kind regards - Ozzie Orlowski
Good Morning Ozzie,

Work is ongoing, but I will send a request to BT now to get the latest. as soon as they reply, I will post on here.

Thank you very much Steve, your help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards - Ozzie
Hi Ozzie

Please see latest from BT added.

Upgraded cabinets are normally available to the Public around 2 weeks after they go 'RFS'.


Morning Steve

We had an issue with congested duct on this cabinet and an overlay is due to be completed by the end of next week. I would guess this cabinet will be at RFS in around 3 weeks’ time.
If you need any more detail then please let me know.
Thanks again Steve. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the first week in September :)

Kind regards - Ozie
Hi again Steve, unfortunately it appears that the 3 week period suggested by BT wasn't enough as 4 weeks have gone by and the cabinet still isn't live.

Would it be possible for you to contact BT again to see what the current situation is, and any revised date for the cabinet to go live.

Kind regards, Ozzie Orlowski
Hi Ozzie,

Apologies for the delay in responding. I have just had the latest from BT. We have had some technical difficulties with Cab. 4 off Welton but this will now be completed on 23rd September.

On that basis, I would expect it to be available to the public around the end of the first week in October. As soon as it goes 'Live' we will update the website.

Steve, once again, many thanks for the update.

My fingers are crossed again for the first week in October :)

Kind regards - Ozzie
Hi Steve, my finger crossing must have had some effect as I was happy to see that the cabinet went live this week. BT must have resolved the issues they had.

I have contacted my ISP (BTinternet) to upgrade to the faster package, and, according to the rep. I spoke to I should get a speed of between 15 and 21 meg download. Apparently it takes up to 5 working days to get things sorted, so I won't be able to confirm the speed for a week or so, but I am looking forward to a substantial increase.

Many thanks for your help in getting info from BT to keep me updated.

Kind regards, Ozzie Orlowski
15:02 pm 22/09/2014 (resubmitted due to computer error)

Hi Steve, I have had contact with BTINTERNET again and there appears to be a 'hiccup'
15:11 pm 22/09/2014 (resubmitted due to computer error)

Hi Ozzie, I'm sorry to hear that BT are struggling here. I can't understand why they say they haven't got a product to offer. Please let me know how this goes as I am happy to speak with BT to understand what's happened here. Regards Steve
15:11 pm 22/09/2014 (resubmitted due to computer error)

Hi Ozzie, I'm sorry to hear that BT are struggling here. I can't understand why they say they haven't got a product to offer. Please let me know how this goes as I am happy to speak with BT to understand what's happened here. Regards Steve
Hi Steve, many thanks for your offer to speak with BT on my behalf.
I’ll try and outline the situation as I see it.
When I got the news that Welton No. 4 cabinet had gone live I logged on to my BT at BTinternet to see if I could receive a better service. I entered my phone number and got this message:-
Great News! You can get faster speeds with Unlimited Faster Broadband
15Mb-21Mb* Estimated download
speed range*

800Kb-3Mb* Estimated upload
speed range

If you wish to discuss your current Broadband package please call us on 0800 100 400

I then looked through the packages that were advertised and thought that the following one met my needs perfectly:-
Unlimited BT
Infinity 1

Up to 38Mb download speed

Up to 9.5Mb upload speed
What's Totally Unlimited?
• BT Sport app and online player
• Unlimited wi-fi
• BT Parental Controls
• BT Home Hub 5
• 5GB BT Cloud
• BT Net Protect Plus
£23 a month
+ your existing line rental

+ £30 Activation Charge

Upgrade now

I then went to the upgrade page, entered my details and got the following message :-

Sorry, you can't get BT Infinity at the moment but we've got some great broadband deals for you, just choose a package from the list below. We'll let you know if BT Infinity becomes available to you.

I thought that for some reason I couldn’t upgrade via the website and phoned 0800100400 to ask them to upgrade me.

They told me that there weren’t any packages available for me. I told them that I had got the message that I could get faster speeds with unlimited faster broadband. They checked again and said they would pass me to the Broadband resources/resolution team (I’m unsure of the name) as they would have the technical knowledge to fix the problem. The Broadband team agreed that I should be able to get the faster speeds and said they would transfer me to someone in sales who would ‘sort it out’. I spoke with the sales representative and he said there weren’t any packages available for me but that he would look into it for me, but said it could be a long time for things to be sorted.

I was a little frustrated about this and thought I’d check out another ISP to see if they had anything. As I have SKY I thought I’d check with them and I was told I could have
Sky Fibre Unlimited £20 a month, £50 activation
Ideal for busy homes with very high internet demands, watching HD videos or downloading very large files. 18 month minimum subscription applies. Estimated access line speed: 15.2-21.4 Mbps.
I asked if this was available now, they confirmed it was, and if I’d like to go ahead with it would be up and running within 10 working days.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’d like to stay with BT but if they can’t provide a package I’ll find it hard to stay with them. Maybe there is a technical issue that SKY isn’t aware of, and they are being overly optimistic but I do find their package and time frame very tempting.
If you can get any clarification from BT about a technical issue I’d be very greatful.

Kind Regards - Ozzie

Hi Steve, it appears the problem in an internal BT 'issue'.

The BT broadband team say, yes cabinet is active and I should be able to get the 15-21 meg download.
The sales team say,
Sorry, you can't get BT Infinity at the moment. We'll let you know if BT Infinity becomes available to you
I also checked with the Wholesale availability checker which says it is available for my telephone number.

I also logged on to, as mentioned on the homepage, put in my phone number and they give me a list of ISP's, with links, who can provide 21meg download speeds. BT is in the list along with EE, SKY, and TalkTalk.

When I try to upgrade via the BT link I again get the - Sorry, you can't get BT Infinity at the moment but we've got some great broadband deals for you, just choose a package from the list below. We'll let you know if BT Infinity becomes available to you.

So I really don't know what to do :( Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Kind Regards - Ozzie
Hi Ozzie,

This doesn't sound good at all. I have escalated this to BT's regional Director to see what he can do.

Hi again Steve, a little further information. I was speaking to some of my neighbours at the village hall last night (Friday) and they have been able to upgrade their broadband to BT Infinity. They have been told that the service should be available from 10th October. They have used the same BT link as I try, and they have had no problem.

Does this mean there is a problem with my postcode, or my telephone number or .....?

Kind regards - Ozzie
Hi Ozzie,

Thanks for the update. I have passed this to BT at a senior level, so should get answer shortly. Please don't worry, I'm sure it's an administrative glitch.

I have been contacted by BT and they have been able to process my upgrade. As you surmised there was a 'glitch' in their system, they have done a workaround which has enabled my upgrade to go through.
I can't thank you enough for all the time and trouble you have taken on my behalf, I really do appreciate all the work you have done for me.
When the upgrade is live I will provide an update of the new speeds achieved.

Once again, many many thanks.

Kind regards - Ozzie
Rather than start a new thread I thought best to post in here with regards to the OP's query.

What increase will there be in the upload speed for BASIC BROADBAND?

I currently have upto 8mb on ADSL using the Swaton (Cabinet 1) exchange and can only receive 300kb/sec upload. Will there be an increase in this even on the BASIC BROADBAND which I have been led to believe will be the case for our cabinet.

As a gamer who wishes to stream I am hoping for an improvement so fingers crossed the news will be good.

For distance, I get a rock steady 6.5mb connection from our house.
Hi Daniel,

It is my understanding that if you were to remain on your current basic broadband package post FTTC rollout your upload speed will remain is it is now. It should increase if you were to take up an FTTC package and you should be able to check the predicted upload speed before ordering a service using the BT Wholesale availability checker -

Kind regards,

Owen Williams
Programme Support - Lincolnshire Broadband Programme

Thanks Owen. After today's news with BT likely to buy out EE I will be moving ISP's anyway during the next few months so I'll keep that link handy to see what I should be able to get when sourcing a new ISP. Many thanks.
Good to read through this epic tale , with help from Onlincolnshire too. As a Phase 5 person, I used the DSL checker link and found my exchange (Folkingham) but it doesn't give a cabinet number. Any pointers how I can find that out? Thanks.
Hi Howard

Could you send your address and telephone number through to us at and we'll have a look into this for you.

Kind regards

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