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People Power works

Read this news page and look for once the project was complete how the national ISP's wanted access
Hi Tim,
Thanks for bringing this article to our attention which I read with interest.
It is always encouraging to see communities getting together and achieving this type of result.
Community schemes are notoriously difficult to get off the ground for a number of reasons, funding being one of the big ones. Attempting to get significant numbers of residents to firmly commit to providing what can often be significant amounts of money is difficult.Having local expertise who will give up their time and experience can help keep costs down, but fundamentally, it is about generating sufficient numbers of people to show a real interest that is key.
Hi Tim,

There are plenty of great examples in the UK too and in Lincolnshire. - South West of England - Cumbria - Lancashire

and finally... - South Lincolnshire / North Cambridgeshire

I'm personally a member of FibreLincs and can only agree with what Stephen has said. It isn't easy :)

Regards, Ben
I too understand it is difficult but not impossible which is why altnets are few and far between. For OnLincolnshire i suspect it was never going to be an option they would explore as the county is too vast an area to plunge the BDUK funding into. I'm also guessing that the many of the counties residents would rather have something slightly faster delivered within a few years (e.g FTTC) rather than be left waiting even longer for something out of this world (e.g FTTP).

I personally would be prepared to wait and contribute to such a cause if it existed in my area but as none exists, am just having to wait patiently like everyone else for something that technically speaking will be outdated by the time it arrives
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