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Project status

Just been looking at your latest project update and noticed that cabinets in Market Rasen and Woodhall Spa have been FTTC enabled.

As I understand it, we should currently be in between projects 1 and 2 according to the maps page and phase 3 was due to begin from July 2014. From looking at phase 2 and 3 maps it would appear that Market Rasen falls into phase 2 and Woodhall Spa falls into phase 3.

Does this mean that phase 3 has already begun ahead of schedule as there's been no announcement as to how far each phase has been completed. I'm planned for phase 4 which you've got down for October 2014 to March 2015 and wondering if it will be here sooner rather than later
Good Morning Matthew,

You are right in what you say re. Market Rasen and Woodhall Spa. We are pushing very hard at the moment and trying to make the most of the good weather etc.

We are attempting to finish off each phase completely in the planned order, but on site conditions can slow up some cabinets, whilst allowing others to progress earlier than expected.

We recently posted the latest position on Phase 1 where we highlighted a few cabinets that were experiencing minor delays and the reasons for them.

This Friday we hope to announce more cabinets and we will attempt to put them in phase order.

The project overall is running very well and we are attempting to keep driving completions up and will take the opportuntity to complete ahead of schedule where conditions permit.

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