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Fibre Broadband in PE12 6DS (Weston Hills, Spalding Lincs)

We have had a cabinet at the end of our cul de sac for some months, and have been told that the exchange at Moulton Chapel is in the process of being unbundled.
The site shows it is accepting orders but my particular provider (Talk Talk) cannot project any time that fibre broadband will be available.

Frustration rules as no-one seems to be able to provide any guidance to what the actual situation is. Can any guidance be given as to the current situation regarding roll out?
Good Morning Michael,

We have already upgraded Cabinet 2 off Moulton Chapel and are in the process of both upgrading other existing cabinets (Cabinets 1 & 2) and building 5 x new ones to take out Exchange Only lines. without a specific address, I am looking at the area you have quoted and I believe you are fed from Cabinet No.1 and we have been awaiting a specific Overhead Fibre cable to feed this cabinet. This has now arrived at Boston and we will start cabling in the middle of next week. On that basis, I would envisage Cabinet 1 being upgraded and ready by mid-September.

@ Steven Xan you please advise on plans for FTTC @ Moulton Chapel / PE12 0QE

Good Afternoon Matt,

We have completed sections of the overhead fibre route we are installing to feed Cabinet 1. We still have a couple of sections to complete and are putting up new poles to facilitate. This requirement wasn't originally foreseen and has added a little delay, but we will complete within a few weeks I'm assured.

steve any update on this i am too waiting for this to go live but nothing seems to be happening its all gone very slow !!!
any update please?

Good Morning Daren,

I am told that the commissioning and testing will be completed on or around 16th December, so we should be in a position to take order around 2 weeks after that. as soon as it is available, we will update our website.

Hi Steve,

We have ordered our BT Fibre broadband in PE12 6AH, which they cant seem to activate due to capacity issues. The Moulton Chapel Cabinet 2 shows as a waiting list. Are there any plans of expanding capacity soon on that cabinet or is there any way to queue in that waiting list so that we get notified when capacity becomes available?

BT isnt very helpful in providing the correct information.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Hi Jaimin,

I'm told that capacity has been restored today.

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