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Fibre Broadband - Spalding Exchange Cabinet 29

The new cabinet has been in place for months (located just off the A16 on Rangell Gate), no signs of progress. Anyone know what the hold up is?
Hi Allan,

Apologies for the delay in responding. I have a meeting with BT and will get the latest from them.

Hi Allan,

I managed to speak with BT earlier and they have provided the latest response below:

Spalding 29 is not in the Lincolnshire Deployment plan. Having looked on our Cab locater, there does not appear to have been any work on or around Spalding 29 in terms of BDUK. It could be that the copper cab shell has been changed. If you could supply a phone number or post code I could check further.

If you can E Mail me your address and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below, I will pass it to BT.


Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Tel. 01522 552450
Mob. 07825 043978
Further to this discussion, cabinet 29 has been fibre enabled for a while now . A new fibre cabinet has been placed close to the old cabinet and if you try the BT checker you should be able to get FTTC as long as you are close enough to the cabinet. Unfortunately it's also my cabinet but I live 2 miles from it by road in Weston Hills, far too far away for FTTC to be of any use. I'm not alone in suffering awful broadband speeds down here (currently 1mb on a good day) , I would say that most properties at the northern end of the village are sub 3mb. BT aren't interested as our cabinet is FTTC enabled anyway, so is there any hope that BDUK will help or do we have to resort to smoke signals, carrier pigeons or trying to drag the village closer to spalding ?
Good Morning Jonathan,

As you correctly point out, once you get beyond a certain distance from an enabled cabinet, FTTC ceases to be effective.
We are aware of these instances and we have included all such premises in the secondary phase of the project where we hope to use alternative technologies to solve the problem.
We will update everyone as we progress through the initial phases of the secondary funding process.

Thank you for that information, at least there is some hope for the future. In the meantime is there anything we can do to help this happen / press our case , or is it simply a case of keeping an eye on this site and seeing what happens? Thanks for your help with this.
Good Morning Jonathan,

Thanks for getting back to us.

We are pressing BT hard to get the new tewchnology out into the infrastructure and discussions are ongoing. We are optimistic that we can publish dates etc. soon so please keep an eye on the site.

I don’t understand why they can’t run traditional ADSL from the fibre enabled cabinet (FTTN) therefore reducing our ‘copper’ distance from the exchange in half. I actually thought that was going to be the plan anyway? I've read that would give us somewhere in the region of x5 uplift so for me it would be 1.4 x 5 = 7Mb which may not sound a lot but would make a tremendous amount of difference with new services such as netflix, youview or anything else that's dependent on >2Mb bandwidth currently being unusable.

I suspect the reason why they won’t entertain this is the fact its not classed as ‘Super Fast’.

If they don’t get their act on soon 4G might just come along a steal their customers.
Good Morning Allan,

Thanks for taking time to write in to us.

The technology we deploy is VDSL, an enhancement of ADSL technology and we run the fibre from the Exchange to the new cabinet and position the 'Electronics' there. This does reduce the length of copper in the infrastructure and theoretically increase speeds.
However, there are a number of factors that also influence end user speed, length of copper from the cabinet being one of them.


You may find the below link interesting. BT Openreach has made a proposal to the industry to commercially offer ADSL2+ services from FTTC enabled cabinets for longer lines were a VDSL line profile is ot possible. Same gear just a different line profile. No word if it will be commercialised yet or which ISPs will offer the product.

Lower ADSL like frequencies are disabled on the FTTC cabinets to stop them swamping existing ADSL services which may be in the same wire bundle with cross talk. The proposed solution has been to allow ADSL2+ from the cabinet.

Hi All,

Cabinet 29 already has fibre to it - I saw this yesterday as an Openreach engineer was working on it. It is fully enabled - you just can't order it. However somehow there are already customers using it .... which ISP I do not know but I saw a 40mb download / 10mb upload circuit in full use .....

So why can't we order ?

Good Afternoon Stuart

Following on from our conversation earlier, Spalding Cabinet 29 is commercial rollout, but your postcode does appear in our main project because some of it is fed via another Exchange/Cabinet. Our data indicates that your postcode covers both Phase 1 and Phase 8 and given the distance you are from the cabinet, you are a part of Phase 8 as discussed.
We have also included this postcode in the secondary phase I mentioned which attempts to push county-wide coverage of Superfast from 90% to 95%. We will update the website as we move forward on this one.

From what I gather they won’t enable ADSL2+ from the cabinet as its not ‘superfast’ and thefore they can’t charge more for It or add us to their statistics.. An uplift from 1.5mb to 8mb would allow us to benefit from an ever growing list of online services.

Can we get another update from BT on their plans for Cabinet 29 I’ve not counted but I recon the are at least 60 properties this side of the cabinet that are in similar situations. Could you (BDUK) also clarify exactly what properties from Cabinet 29 are and are not in scope of the BDUK as looking though this thread it’s very hard to determine what going on!

Quite frankly I’m sick to death of the current practice of going after the easy high volume and uplifting people from 8mb to 40mb while there are people out there with broadband as low as .5mb!! The measure of success should be the uptake of such services. FTTC uptake poor where traditional l ADSL is good, so they are providing a service with good headlines ‘number of households enabled’ but it’s not being used, where it should be number of subscribers!

It’s my strong view that BT are clearly taking advantage. They are using our public funds to upgrade their own neglected infrastructure, while they are at the same time paying record sums to purchase EE!
There must be over 100 properties at the northern end of Weston Hills, some of these are connected to the Moulton Chapel exchange and supposedly can now get superfast. In fact the house opposite me should be able to , unfortunately i'm on the dreaded cabinet 29 and just about scraping a 1mb connection on a good day. The vast majority of these 100 plus properties looks to be on cabinet 29, with a few also on the Moulton exchange for good measure. Half of one small village covered by three different exchanges will admittedly complicate things but what makes things worse is that nobody is telling us if anything is going to happen, let alone when. We keep getting all these wonderful new services pushed at us which is great, but most can't be used on such a slow connection. I want a fibre connection tomorrow but i'm the first to appreciate that these things take time, problem is that none of us down here know if we are going to ever get anything.

P.S, Openreach contractors have recently installed a duct from the other end of the village to this one. is there any hope that this could be the start of an improved service down this end of the village.

Thanks for your reply (hopefully)........ J D Andrew
Good afternoon, time to drag this back to the top. I was wondering if there was any news on the situation down here in Weston Hills (PE12 6DX)? Everything seems very vague, I hear a rumour that we might be getting fibre next year, I've seen Openreach installing duct and unblocking ducts , but nothing concrete. If nothing is going to happen then people need to know this is the case so that other solutions can be explored . I see that a couple of the locals have given up already and are just using mobile broadband, it can't be any worse than the sub 1mb speeds we have now. The problem is that people round here are sick and tired of hearing nothing and not knowing where they stand. There are a lot of people round here who would jump at the chance of fibre broadband, I would sign up today if I could, but these people will soon start looking at alternatives and there will be even less reason to install fibre then.
Yours in hope and verging on desperation............J.D.Andrew
Good Afternoon Jonathan,

The cabinet feeding your property is too far away from the new cabinet for you to derive any benefit.

However, we are aware of this and we are looking at alternatives to provide you with service. At this point in time, we are looking at amalgamating your postcode into our Phase 2 project, due to start in March 2016. It is early days with this contract and as we mover closer to the start date, we will get a clearer view of what we are likely to do.

As soon as the final implementation plan has been agreed, we will be better placed to advise on potential solutions.
I'm an IT professional working full time from home for a large IT services provider. With the advace if technology im now using VOIP shared desktip and remote terminal session not to mention database operations its now getting critical, late afternoons is terriable.

Forget Youtube or online gaming for the kids. If I can't work I cant pay the bills! The silence from BT makes planning for the future impossible!

I belive the mile and a half of ducting from the other end if the village is for the benifit of those in the moulton chapel exchange including broadgate builders. While only 20m away I fear the is no benefit to us!

Put a new cabinet in near us all at the crossroads run fibre to that and hook in the copper lines. Get on with it and stop making excuses!
Good morning Allan,

We have been looking into the situation in Weston Hills; we are currently in conversation with BT to try and ascertain their exact plan for areas that fall into contract 2 (including Weston Hills). Once this information is known, coverage maps and phase timeframes will be announced on the website.


Any news on the phase 2 coverage, I believe you were hoping to have it defined by the end of July?

In the meantime I've had to resort to ordering a 2nd phone line and bb connection that I'm load balancing (using a TL-R470T+) that provides me with a whooping 3Mb... at the cost of two line rentals and bb contracts though.

Good Morning Allan,

The contract for Phase 2 was signed in May of this year and whilst we have received the intended deployment from BT, we were still discussiing the content when it was announced last week that BT intend to release additional funding back to Lincolnshire.
On that basis, we are now awaiting a new 're-modelling' exercise to take account of this funding. as soon as we get further details, we will update the website accordingly.

Any news? It's been 3 months now. Please also confirm if this 're-modeling' is going to cause a delay to the Phase 2 start.

Good Morning Allan,

The remodelling exercise will not delay the start of Phase 2. In fact, Phase 2 will start earlier than originally anticipated.

We are close to completing the remodelling and will announce shortly. we experienced some delays in this exercise as a result of additional funding being made available and whilst this is clearly good news, it did mean a re-think.

As soon as we finalise, we will publish.

Good afternoon all
Well it appears that phase 2 isn't starting earlier and at the current rate I am stating to believe it will never happen. Four and a half months ago you were close to completing the remodelling of phase 2 but here we are with it still ongoing.
We are supposed to be getting faster speeds yet my speed is now half of what it used to be (now 0.7mb). The internet is practically unusable with 3 people using that connection.
Question 1 , any news on what is happening with Weston Hills PE12 6DX?
Question 2 , Why is the remodelling taking longer than the modelling did in the first place?

Thanks for listening

Good Morning Jonathan,

Oddly enougfh, we have already surveyed a number of areas in advance of Phase 2 being remodelled. These are areas we had previously identified as being in need of additional work from the current contract and form a part of a much larger tranche of work. The issue is whether these areas will form a part of the remodelled Phase 2 offering or will need to be completed using other elements of the funding and depending of course on whether they represent value for money, post survey.

With regard to Phase 2; we rejected the original offering because there were areas of excessive over-build in existing Virgin Media areas and we deemed that to be unfair, uneccessary and potentially in breach of State Aid rules. It would have been easy to sign of the original offering, but we are doing everything we can to ensure we deliver value for money and will not just accept anything thrown at us. If that takes a little longer than expected, then I apologise, but will not move from our aim of maximising delivery for available funding. Hopefully, that answers qurestion 2.

as far as Weston Hills is concerned, we have surveyed this area and are awaiting BT's feedback which we are expecting before the end of this month.


If BT would like a site for an extra fibre cabinet in Weston Hills then why not use the old location of the Austendyke Road phone box that was removed some years ago in front of 62 Austendyke.
The power supply is still there for it and so is a dedicated pole

This would be the best and cheapest option to finally fibre enable this end of the village ?
If BT would like a site for an extra fibre cabinet in Weston Hills then why not use the old location of the Austendyke Road phone box that was removed some years ago in front of 62 Austendyke.
The power supply is still there for it and so is a dedicated pole

This would be the best and cheapest option to finally fibre enable this end of the village ?
Jonathan Andrew, Could you please tell me if you are still having problems with your broadband? I live down Austendyke Road PE12 6BX and my broadband has deteriorated over the last 5 months. I used to get 3Mb, but recently it went down to 520Kb. I've just had the 5th engineer come out, he has reset the connection and got it back up to 1Mb but he said I won't be able to get more than that. My argument is that I used to get 3Mb since I've lived here so why should the maximum only be 1Mb now?
Unfortunately people are generally uneducated with broadband speeds, SNR Margins etc so speaking with neighbours about speed issues won't help, so long as they can access the internet they don't know any different.
I'd be interested to know if your issue has been resolved and what speed you are now receiving.

Many thanks,
Hi David, connection is no better im afraid. It has become unreliable as well, never used to drop but now we suffer frequent disconnections. It can be ok for a couple of weeks but then it goes haywire for a bit and then sorts itself intil the next time. I've had sky and openreach out, have been told that my speeds are as good as i'm going to get despite them being way down on what they used to be. Current speed is 0.8-0.9mb. Neighbours have suffered too, one set have now got satellite as a result and the other set seem to have the broadband not working more often than it does. I believe that FTTC can interfere with ADSL speeds but that doesn't explain the disconnections and is unfair on those with slow ADSL. I've heard we are getting fibre down here next year and have seen Openreach wandering along Austendyke a couple of weeks ago, perhaps they were measuring the job up.

Yours in woefully slow and reliable ADSL land
Hi David
Broadband speed varies from .5mb to 1.2mb at PE126BX but continues to be up and down at varying times of the day and night. I have to re-synch my hub every morning as it has given up sorting itself out.
Over the years BT and Openreach engineers have tried all they can to try and improve the line speed and stability with little or no effect.
It annoys me greatly that central Spalding was upgraded with a lot of expense even though their speeds were 10 times that we could achieve.
The idea of the government to improve broadband for RURAL properties seems to be a white elephant with BT using the money to upgrade their poor infrastructure without actually providing a better service for the people who the money was meant for.
I think the only way I will receive workable broadband speeds is to move
Not heard of anything regarding phase two other than it MIGHT happen before Sept 2017 !!!

Might happen Sept 2017, it's been might happen for a long time now, isn't it time for someone to actually give the frustrated residents of PE12 6BX a date for completion of the work on Spalding cabinet 29 the only time we can get 10mb is with a decimal point between 1 and 0, please it's not much to ask for in the 21st century is it? a decent broadband speed.
Didn't know a thread like this existed. I would also like to know of a date as the speeds in this neglected part of Spalding are terrible. I count myself lucky as (on a good day) I can just about get 1.2mb, which allows me to get work done at home. Last week I had two engineers out because of damage to lines causing me to get wonderful speeds of .3mb. I've been tearing hair out at this for ages, so much so that we've been considering satellite but postponed that idea once we heard news on the site from BT and the proposed completion of Sep 2017. However, apparently with speeds of .3mb-1.3mb we don't qualify for satellite on the government incentive. I've exhausted all options including getting mobile (4G) bundle but this is proving costly despite being 10x faster than speeds to this household.

Is there actually a date when households in Weston Hills will finally get reliable broadband services? I'd like an answer on this please.
Good Morning,

September 2017 remains the estimated completion date.

If your download speed is sub 2Mb/s, then you would theoretically be entitled to a satellite subsidy.

However, if your line is due to be upgraded within the next 12 months, a subsidy will not be issued.

Can anyone tell me about the new cabinet on Austendyke road numbered 60?. does this mean broadband is at last going to have a decent speed in this area?
still no info about cabinet on austendyke road numbered 60, can anybody give me any information at all please
I've been monitoring is almost daily hoping to see some progress, the new cabinet was added and our phone numbers switched over to cabinet 60 but nothing on the broadband side, I as see there are quite a few BT items on for the next 6 weeks but I have no idea if its related but BT seem to be running a lot of 1 way poly duct (I counted about 250m over the various items )

I've also been monitoring this site and its updated a couple of times pushing the live due date back from end of Sep to end of Nov 2017

Can the Onlincolnshire team confirm those timing or do you still believe it will be end of Sep or before?

Good Afternoon Alan,

BT are still sticking with the end of September at this point. We will meet with BT later this week and seek an update.


What have BT said regarding cabinet 60?

Good Morning Allan,

At this point, BT are still sticki9ng to the end of September as a completion date.

However, we are aware that they are having some issues with resource and if I were a betting man, I would bet on them telling us there are some minor delays shortly.

As soon as we get a concrete answer, I will update this site.


Any news on cabinet 60?

I assume they have revised their timescale seeing as the end of September passed two weeks ago.

Do we know what works are still outstanding (how far from completion we are)?


Good Morning Allan,

BT has indeed revised their timescales on this one. They have some delays on a number of structures. At this point, I do not have the fine detail, but they are due in today or tomorrow to go through their revised plan, so from there, I will have a clearer picture.

Did they provide any further info? Do I need to cancel plans for Christmas in front of Netflix and Amazon prime?
Good Morning Allan,

They have said that it will be completed before year end at the latest and are working to complete sooner. At this point, they have no firm date but we will continue to press them at tomorrow's meeting.

Hi Steve,

Are there any updates on cabinet 60? I am now lucky to receive 1.1mb. For some reason every time someone rings the landline I loose my connection, reminds me of the days of 56k. Only my 56k connection was more stable lol.

I was kinda hoping to have faster broadband by the time Mugabe resigned, which doesn’t seem like it’ll happen. “End of the year at the latest” = very vague info. 3 years of vague info = very frustrated people just wanting a basic commodity like fast, reliable and working internet.

Is there a firm date or week when BT plan to deliver this?
Hi Guys,

I’ve just seen an Openreach van parked up at cabinet 60. Due to the lack of response from Onlincolnshire I decided to walk over and have a chat to the engineer to try and get an update. Unfortunately the chap knew very little. The only information he could offer was that fact that there is still no fibre connected to the cabinet yet. He said cabinets are generally completed within around 3 months of being installed so expected it to be working in the near future. It would be nice to have a solid update of what is happening. Plenty of so called meetings take place between Onlinshire and BT but we always seem to be kept in the dark.
I guess Brexit will be finalised and the Bitcoin bubble burst before BT get thier act together and complete this cabinet. Absolute shambles.
It’s getting boring waiting for BT to sort this out. Really boring.
Utter, utter , utter shambles and that's just this forum that seems to keep getting hacked by people posting rubbish that has nothing to do with broadband. September 2017.......gone , December 2017 going pretty fast and still no remotely fast broadband . But, worst of all still no answers as to what is going on. If BT don't have the resources then it ain't your problem, it's theirs. They agreed to do the work, signed a contract and should be finishing the job. I presume some hefty penalty clauses will soon be coming in to effect as they aren't stepping up, you would soon whinge if I didn't pay my council tax.
Apparently the average household now consumes over 200GB of data a month, if I hammered my internet connection 24 hours a day at maximum throughput I might just about manage half of that . It really is at the stage where this 0.7meg connection is no longer fit for purpose. We would like some answers please......oh yes and merry Christmas and hope you enjoy streaming lots of tv over the festive period , because down here we can't.
I know I will, like many, be getting the silent treatment but I’ll ask anyway...

Is there any update? December’s nearly over. Or will we be waiting until December 2018?
BT are currently experiencing yet more delays on this and other structures. When questioned, all they will say is that they are working on it and will complete very shortly.

Quite frankly, I am not prepared to publish any more of their actual estimated completion dates because they seem not to have any resemblance to reality. I have formally complained to BT re. their performance on a number of occasions and have written to their senior guys in an effort to move things along. As with all things BT, we are met with promises that they know they will not meet.

Sadly, the BDUK/BT contract gives me no teeth with which to bite them, but we will keep on pressing them as hard as possible.

Once again, please accept my apologies.

I see we have several traffic management notices in place on along the B1165 for access to old cabinet and laying about 350m of poly tunnel.

Is this related to our fibre install or just something else going on?
Any update on this? Genuinely losing the will to live will the speed of the net this end, which is just getting worse and worse as each week goes by.
Update:Looks like Openreach are running fibre down austen Dyke Road from Cabinet 60 toward 29. Spoke to BT the other day and they informed me that they are installing or have installed a signal booster.
Just in case some of you were unaware the fibre on cabinet 60 is now enabled. I am now receiving 55mb download and 10mb upload. I never thought I’d see the day. If anyone hears any loud music in the village it’ll be me having a broadband celebration party!!
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