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Expected Speeds

Standard broadband right now in my village the speeds aren't to bad most of my neighbors have a sync speed of just short of 8meg and many get 5.5meg downloads speeds even thought they are over 1.5km to the cabinet (1km as the crow fly's).

So my question is is it fair to say that how our current copper lines are working will dictate the speeds once FTTC is installed for instance I get 2meg download my neighbor gets 6meg download so he should expect faster speed compared to mine once FTTC is installed
Good Morning Tim,

Speeds via FTTC are affected by a number of factors, length of copper from the cabinet is a key factor. If you will please send me your e mail address (in confidence) to my address below, I will send you a couple of graphs that give an indication of the relationship between length and speed.
However, other factors such as the physical condition of a line can affect speeds. The position of your wireless router in relation to the instrument you are using, the type of router and the physical make up of a building can all be factors. I am intrigued to note that your neighbour gets significantly better speeds than you do and that could be a result of any of those factors described above, or different ISPs.
If you are circa 1.5Km from the cabinet and your line, router etc. are all in good shape, the graphs show that you will still get decent download speeds.

Thanks for the speedy reply I have the graphs already from a previous discussion we have had I just wondered if the fttc speeds would be comparable to the standard copper lines we have now, my line is slow due to older copper line BT say they will replace soon but im not overly worried, your graphs show that the further you are from the cabinet the slower the speed but with the current lines 1.5km from the cabinet and his speeds are very good considering the distance etc.and would this be reflected in fttc speed
Hi Tim,

The older copper wire isn't ideal, but I am confident you will get good speeds via FTTC. Clearly, if BT upgrade the existing copper, then things get better.

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