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Switch over process to faster bband ?


I am on East Kirkby exchange cabinet 1 and we are due to get the new service soon. The new cabinet has appeared next to the old one.

Currently I get about 2Mbps speed. Will this suddenly jump up to a faster speed one morning or do I have to contact my ISP and order ?

I am with BT and am paying for a service faster than 2mbps so would expect not to have to do anything unless I wish to change to a service above the maximum speed of the current one ?

If some sort of order is required does an engineer have to carry out some work at the cabinet or at my house ?

Thanks and regards

Max Woodhead

Hi Max

Thank you for your message in relation to the programme.

You will need to contact your ISP when the cabinet is enabled as there is a change that needs to be made to the physical provision in service. The speeds will not change automatically. An engineer will need to visit the cabinet an switch your service over to the new infrastructure. Sometimes the engineer may visit your home, but you can discuss this aspect of the connection with the ISP you choose.

In relation to costings we are unable to comment on this aspect as this is not within the scope of the programme - residents and businesses are free to choose from any ISP who offers a service from a particular cabinet. There are many comparison websites availalble to help you make any decisions - ofcom provide some information too

I hope this helps, please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards

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