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Swinderby Cabinet 6


I see that upgrades have been made to a couple of the cabinets at one end of Witham St Hugh's near the school, Has the upgrade work reached Cabinet 6 yet? I note there are still cabinets that have yet to be upgraded at the other end of WSH towards the former RAF area.

Unfortunately its not clear which cabinet is which and there is no online information as to the location of BT cabinets in general so its difficult to tell whats happening?


Hi Steve

Thank you for your message in relation to the programme. We cannot unfortunately publish cabinet addresses as this is deemed as sensitive information. We might be able to provide some more information about your connection if you email your full address details to us as we can then see how far away you will be from the cabinet etc. Please email

The Swinderby cabinets are due to be ungraded in the current phase of the programme, before the end of September this year. We publish lists of completed cabinets on our 'project updates' page on Friday afternoons and also send these via our newsletter. Unfortunately, due to the amount of resource that would be required, we are unable to provide updates for cabinets that are not yet delayed.

Please contact us directly and we'll try to establish the approximate speeds you can expect to achieve once the cabinet has been enabled and you have signed up to a faster product

Kind regards

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