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Frustration and getting no where

I championed Friskney for this fttc roll out I fought like hell to get them included and on march the 31st our exchange went live and my cabinet i thought i was done i can finally get faster internet, if only it was so easy.

Initially i was told i couldn't have it for reasons no one could explain emails with the onlinc's team and promises to help find out what was stopping it came to nothing no reply what so ever, so i took it upon on myself to fight it i contacted open reach and was told I live to far away from the cabinet to have the service anything over 2.2 km and its no use I found this strange as i live 1,4km from the cabinet soi after 20 odd emails finally got BT to admit they had my house in the wrong place so again i thought yes i can have it but again i was told no you cant have it cos there's copper coated aluminium in my line I couldnt argue with this I had no proof to say other wise so feeing hard done by as every house around me could have it even those further away I decided it was time to get sneaky so I contacted bt and told them there was a issue with my phone line and i would need a engineer visit , the day came and the engineer arrived so i explained i had a intermittent fault he did his checks and i said to him is it because of the copper coated aluminium in my line he turn looked at me and laughed I asked what he was laughing at he said there's no such thing in any of the bt networks so i said to him that i cant have faster internet cos of the copper coated aluminium he said there is aluminium in your line but that wont stop you having it cos it would stop everyone down the road and he has done installs on this road, so i made him a cup of tea and asked him about it and he said its a error on the openreach system tell them to push the order through it will work fine so again after months of emails bt/open reach have come up with its a long line issue it must be over the 2.2km I have asked for the exact measurement they are ment to give me them on tuesday ill keep you informed.

While having issues talking to BT I decided hell lets go for AB Internet top package 50 meg plus an extra £5 for unlimted useage call them had the chat to the person booked the appointment, the day came and the engineers arrived climbed up on my HOUSE roof 1 min later came down again and said sorry you cant have it theres a tree in the way, A TREE wtf this new super wifi they offer is stopped by a tree, the engineer then proceded to tell me thats there is only 2 places in this area and to get there internet you must see one of them 1 is pilgrim hospital the other is somewhere at ingoldmells so i cant see those so he got in his van and left.

while the figures for the bduk rollout look good and are gret for reports I want to know how many are like me cant have anything even though in in the catchment area for all the new bduk services
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