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2 yrs paying for 17mb - now they want more to actually deliver!

We have just had our cabinet for Brant Broughton (Fulbeck 3) upgraded - Yippee.
So, I quickly got on to our broadband provider, BT, to see if we could now get the speed which we have been paying for for over 2 years.
Our current BT product is 'unlimited' broadband and 'up to 17 Mb'.
When I phoned them I was told that to avail ourselves of the new capability we would need to upgrade to a new product at nearly twice the price! (even though we will still probably get less than 17Mb).
I can't believe this scam, and I'm surprised it has not been more widely reported on this forum.
Any other experiences out there?
its due to the difference in packages right now you on a standard adsl package if you want to take advantage of the fttc you need a fibre agreement the thats why the price difference and the speed difference
Yes, I understand that. But I believe they use smoke and mirrors.
If you look at broadband suppliers ads, or listings via comparison sites, they typically specify a price for 'up to 17 Mb' or a price for 'up to 38Mb'.
I think I only need about, say, 10Mb - therefore (if I didn't know better) I would probably opt for the cheaper 'up to 17Mb' package - because I know my area has 'Superfast' broadband.
A normal person has no idea what FTTC means. And neither should they. Some sites allow you to tick 'Fibre Only' - I would know if I had fibre to the premises, but how many people know what technology there local cabinet uses (I didn't even know what a local cabinet was until I delved into all this).
There is obviously a serious problem with the regulation of this industry.
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