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Cabinet locations, the housing market and the local economy...

Is there a map showing the locations of cabinets? Its all very well seeing various cabinets mentioned but can we see where they are?
Ive been told Tattershall Bridge is on Coningsby Cabinet 3, but also seen Cab 2 mentioned - but where are they?

Im in the process of moving home to Lincs from down south but havent yet completed contracts - yet Im still in the dark as to what connection i will actually get because of distance, and dont know if future upgrades will bring FTTP or not! BB is certainly becoming an issue in the housing market - One presumes the Government and the councils realise how it is beginning to affect the housing market, small business and therefore the economy of rural areas. ...
Good Morning Richard,

We do not have a map to show cabinet locations and we are unable to publish a list of locations because this is deemed commercially sensitive under the contract.

If you E Mail me, I will be happy to provide the location of the cabinet you are looking at.

In terms of whether there will be future upgrades to FTTP, I would suspect not, given the constraints of cost for the deployment of that technology.

We are aware of the potential impact of broadband on the housing market and the government are currently looking at how to deal with future developments in terms of broadband infrastructure. My personal view is that developers should be acutely aware of the broadband scenario and should be actively looking at how to build fast broadband into their future developments.

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