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As many will know I fought with BT over the fibre installed in my area after nearly 2 years and hundreds of emails the onlincs team gave my details to a guy at BT who got my fibre access sorted, initially I was told my line cant handle any more than 3 meg and this is why i couldnt have fibre then once i got accepted for fibre I was told my line max out at 15 meg and i wasnt to expect any more i was over the moon with 15 meg, Then this week i had a phone call from BT to apologise for the internet interruption on my line this was caused by them doing tests on my line and that the test result were so positive they could increase my speed from 15 meg to 20 meg with out a cost increase, amazing as im 1 mile from he cabinet and 3 meg was my max.

If you can get bt to accept your order for fibre you will get a engineer who is contracted to bt the importance of this essential bt contracted engineers must get at least 10 meg out of your line to get paid so they will always spend extra time making sure they get paid and you get the best speeds
Good Morning Tim,

I'm really pleased to see that things are getting better for you, particularly after the battle you had initially.

What you say about the contractor is interesting and something we weren't aware of, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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