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Hello, can someone tell me what the specific issues are that have prevented Legbourne from featuring in phase I or II and how/when the project is attempting to overcome these please? The impact of delay and poor current service for residents and local businesses is causing a lot of unhappiness, given the village's proximity to areas that have received or are going to receive an upgraded provision
Good morning Andrew,

Thank you for your correspondence. The programme is rolled out on a value for money basis and on analysis, other postcodes and premises gave more value for money than the properties in Legbourne. The programme needs to be able to benefit the majority of businesses and residents rather than the minority and this way of approaching works ensures that this is the case.

We are looking to increase superfast coverage across Lincolnshire and we may be able to provide benefit to Legbourne in the future. Please keep an eye on the website where we will update businesses and residents with any decisions that are made.

Kind regards
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