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Very poor fibre connection where I live.

I moved from Louth about three miles to my new home in Legbourne. I signed up to sky broadband unlimited fibre and to say the connection is poor would be too reasonable a comment on the speeds of the downloads and more importantly the uploads to the internet. I love photography and my connection achieves less than one Mbps upload and a download at best of 12 Mbps. I found out that the cabinet for the village is shared between Legbourne and Cawthorpe. It satisfies neither village as it is around a mile from both. Anyone any idea what can be done to improve our super fast connection. On normal broadband the internet was unusable.
Good Morning Emma,

We are currently considering plans for Legbourne, but to help me be more accurate with my response, can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to my E Mail address below.


Hi, I have a similar problem where I live in Gedney (Pe120bt), the cabinet that feeds the village is on the other side of the A17 which means we only got 11mb down and 0.9mb up and that's on super fast broadband.

I wonder if anything would/could be done. As I already feel this is ancient with 4K streaming coming and most things being done online.

Thanks in advance.
Good Morning William,

Having looked at your postcode, I see that we have no current plans in place to upgrade your line.

However, that may well change in the future as we look at how best to use additional funding available to us.

Can I suggest that you keep an eye on our website over the coming months where we will publish any updates.


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