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Risegate Exchange

Hello I had noticed over the past 2 weeks a lot of work being under taken outside my local exchange (Risegate) by a company named Telec utilities, on driving past there today I saw they are installing a huge new cabinet in front of the exchange, does anyone from onlincolnshire know anything about these works? I live around 600m from the exchange and am connected to it by a EO line, dare I hope these works mean fibre broadband for my EO line?.
Good Morning Dermot,

The work does form a part of this programme.

Can you please send me (in confidence) your full address and postcode to my E Mail below and I will take a look at your individual line.

Well 5 days ago my phone line was a Exchange Only and connected directly to the Risegate exchange, today DSL checker advises me that my line is still on the Risegate exchange but is now served by the newly installed cabinet 4, it doesn't as yet say it is fibre enabled but hey at least its coming from a cabinet so there is light at the end of the tunnel, a big shout out to the people of onlincolshire, they are doing there best for all of us.
As of this morning the new Cabinet 4 on the Risegate Exchange is in the now taking orders phase, I have just upgraded to ultra fast broadband with my current provider, since buying this property my download speed has always been around 5Mb so you can imagine my surprise and delight at the message received below from BT's website this afternoon,

You could get

Fibre broadband

62Mb-80Mb Estimated download speed* range

57Mb Minimum speed guarantee*

A big thank you to onlincolnshire I am in no doubt that without them I would never have
had the option of fibre broadband.
Good Morning Dermot,

Many thanks for your very kind comments. I'm glad that we finally managed to provide this improvement.

Good Luck
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