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Partial Build

I see my post code is in the current list for phase 3 partial build which im thankful for as since im last post where i had a faster speed bt have has excuse after excuse for the speed dropping back to very close to what it was pre fttc.

So my question is what is a partial build is it fixing a extra cabinet or a sub cab which is fed by a fibre connection
Good Morning Tim,

I trust I find you well.

Partial Build means that we would only upgrade some of the premises within a specific postcode. For example, if there were 20 properties and 10 already had Superfast, we would only upgrade the remaining 10, hence the term, 'Partial Build'.

this is interesting how would you upgrade and surely upgrading the houses on less than superfast would cost more than putting in a sub cabinet fed by a fibre from the main cabinet this would then bring every one in the area up to the 80meg super fast bt etc can offer

and yes im great thanks still fighting bt for faster speeds lol and they fighting back saying no you cant have any faster
Good Morning Tim,

Glad to see you're still taking the fight to BT, although it is a real pity it has to be that way.

In Phase 3, we are looking at more dispersed and isolated clusters of premises and because of this, the technologies used will differ in terms of preferred options. In Phase 3, circa 65% of the build is planned to be Fibre to The Premises (FTTP), there is a percentage of FTTRN, some Copper rearrangement and only 1% of FTTC.

As a result, we see more partial build than we would have normally expected.

The presence of fibre further out into the infrastructure and the smaller number of premises involved mean that in some cases, FTTP works out cheaper on a per head basis.

Hi Steve
Regarding the phase 3 rollout, partial build can also mean that only a few properties will benefit from a better and more reliable connection. As I mentioned in a previous email, of the 9 properties in our postcode, perhaps 2 will benefit from phase 3 leaving the others with very poor internet speeds. Do people like myself have to wait for phase 4, 5 or 6 or are we going to be forgotten about?
The satellite connection that's on offer is very overpriced for what you get so is not an option for me.
Why not connect all properties in an area and perhaps put money into an alternative solution, i.e fixed wireless, for other areas. This would give BT a kick up the backside!
To be honest I'm not after a super fast 80mbps speed, a 4 or 5mbps would seem super fast to me!

Hi Tony,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I can understand the point you make, but would make the observation that in some postcode areas, the dispersion of premises is such, that any fixed line solution to all properties would prove to be highly expensive. If we were to focus on an area based on what you propose, we would have gobbled up the money way back in time.

Clearly, this would have been a happy ending for those who were upgraded, but of no help to the large amount that weren't.

Where we have partial build, we will look at what remains with a view to seeing whether alternative technologies are an option. We haven't forgotten anyone, but it is about maximising coverage with the available funds and pushing as close to full coverage as possible.

Hi Steve
Thanks for your reply.
I was talking about fixed wireless technology from the likes of Quickline or ABinternet. From my understanding they deliver internet by line of sight from a mast to a receiver on the property, so there would be no need for a fixed line to each individual property. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm the wrong side of 50 who has to ask his teenage son to do my techie things.
But if I'm right, and looking at the Quickline website a mast covers a fairly large area, would it be more cost effective to install a mast rather than the cost of all the civils work and cable laying that Openreach have to do. If so, then surely by doing this, faster broadband will benefit everybody in that area and encourage healthy competition with the ISPs.
Good Morning Tony,

In theory what you say is correct. We are confident that fixed wireless offers a relatively cheap and effective solutions to the more rural areas. In fact, we have already deployed a version of trhis technology to the East of the county via AB Internet.

However, in practice, line of sight is an issue. The original technology had a very big aversion to the presence of trees in line of sight and whilst the latest technology is better, there are still issues with coverage.

I believe we will look to use this technology later on in the programme, but at this point, we are not confident of achieving full coverage of specific areas with additional costs.

so let me check for the partial builds you would be looking at fttp as it will work out cheaper than installing a sub cab supplied by fibre ? I looked at fttp and BT wanted £3500 just to do my house that is if i have the correct understanding.

If I have got the correct understanding is there a provision for the end customer like my self to pay you to be included in this and get it at a cheaper rate than BT want to charge I would be happy to contribute as this would mean a huge jump from below 10 to north of 80 meg
Good Morning Tim,

I think the rates that BT quote individual customers are loaded accordingly on the basis that they are serving just one property.

Where we provide FTTP to a number of end users, we will only do so where the costs are acceptable and this is normally where we have fibre infrastructure existing close by.

As we move towards deployment, let's see what is going to happen at your address. The last thing we want is for people to pay where they are going to get it from us.

cool but Ill be happy to contribute to get the upgrade just let me know when and the cost and ill send you a payment
Antony I have spoken to people who have signed up for the wireless internet and they have nothing but issues, For it to work as it should you need a visual of the mast at all times this causes issues im approx 5 miles from the closest mast and a set of trees near my house stop it from being used as any movement would break the signal and in winter i was told wet tress would cut it off all together then take in to consideration the weather rain fog m,ist anything that impairs your vision would effect the signal and living in Lincolnshire you know this can happen on a daily basis, So while this new tech is a fantastic thing its very very limited and in my opinion was rushed out as a quick fix without true foresight of the limitations it really has and the supplying companies dont give you this info when you sign up you only find out once it happens, I was lucky enough to speak to people who use it and a engineer who fits it in the future i think it will get better but right now its not the way to go.

Just my opinion
I am a little confused as to the meaning of partial build at my postcode.
As far as I can tell all the eleven properties are at present at the same stage i.e. slow speeds from a cabinet which is really to far away.
The houses are closely bunched so how will you choose which are to be upgraded and which will miss out?
Good Morning Roger

Partial build means that only some properties within a postcode will be upgraded.

This can be for a number of reasons such as, some premises fed by a different cabinet, the location of certain premises in relation to the technology proposed, some premises may already be upgraded etc.

Steve what happened to the node technology ? if poss fibre to the node would offer fttn or fttp and give much faster speeds to everyone at a distance from the cabinet and would surely be cheaper than just fttp for a few properties and would do away with having to decide who gets it and who doesnt
Good Morning Tim,

That is a valid point, but as I understand things at present, BT are having some issues with the deployment of FTTRN. To date, I'm not aware of one deployment in this county. They keep quoting power connection issues, but they have committed to some usage going forward, so fingers crossed.

Just to bring you up to speed with info I have BT have been offered the Nokia Mini node which is at a vastly reduced cost and is upgradable and can supply entire streets and they can be pole mounted, Nokia have a good website explaining how it all works would be great if Lincolnshire could be the UK leader in mini nodes and would make full fttp a possibility for every property exciting times for those of us who rely on the internet for many things including entertainment
Thats the Nokia Micro Node even better, Steve whats the chances of Lincolnshire being the leader in the UK and one for others to follow for a change
Good Morning Tim,

Thanks very much for sending this in. we will certainly take a look at what it can do.

Just picked up another piece of information from a friend in Ireland Vodaphone and another company are working on 1 gbps Internet via the electric cables running to people houses, while this sounds fictional it is possible as I myself use powerline adaptors in my house which you can buy from argos etc, Again this would prove to be a cheap way to supply super fast internet as everyone has electric and all the cabinets have an electric supply
The Irish internet down the electric lines ir saying speeds of up to 1 gig and its called siro and will be in place by 2020 even to rural areas
I see that LN4 4JL is in the phase 3 partial build and looking at the above posts about connecting only some properties, what is the reason for this? Im not sure how many properties there are, about 10 i think, (apart from a few mobile homes) and presume all permanent homes are connected to a limited broadband...mine only 2.4 mbps approx. Will a sub cab go in? will that mean FTTP to each house? why would only certain ones get upgrade?
Is partial build as bad as it sounds?!

and what does FTTRN mean?
Thanks for any info. I guess it still wont happen till 2019.
Good Morning Richard
Where partial build is concerned, the primary driver is cost to provide to each property, or in some cases, part of the postcode might already be upgraded.
Where cost is the issue, it is because to provide to each property would be too expensive, so BT will connect to those that they can with within reasonable cost parameters.
The postcode quoted is due for upgrade at the end of the programme, so we would not yet be in possession of detailed planning. When they physically visit site, it could well be that all premises can be accommodated, but we will have to see what the survey brings.
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