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Twenty Cabinet 32 - PE10 0AU, PE10 0BA & PE10 0BD

Hello All,

I believe the OnLincolnshire team have confirmed with me that cabinet 32 in Twenty, Bourne, has been upgraded and superfast is now available at this cabinet, the cabinet is 1.7 miles away from my house. The issue I have is my house (PE10 0BD) and my two neighbours PE10 0AU & PE10 0BA are fed from the exchange in Bourne 5.7 miles away. There is work scheduled by BT for a jointing chamber 207 meters from no. 7 North Drove, at Twenty, does anyone know if this will then allow better broadband distribution to my area? I currently get about 0.3 of 1Mb. BT Works Reference: BC006CT001MW500246397101

On a 2nd note, I see on your website that from phase two of the rollout that both postcodes PE10 0AU & PE10 0BA are on the list to be upgraded. Do you know if this is still the case and if so when this will happen?

Thanks for your time on this.

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