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New cabinet in Stixwould, but have no idea why and?

My wife and I have seen a new cabinet installed in our village. But have no idea if it will service us and give us line broadband? We have an expensive broadband from EE as the satellite was far too expensive to keep going. We luckily stumbled upon a deal that kinda works for us a year ago and we have one year left. Even with this deal it's too expensive when you're on pension and benefits. So I am so so hoping that this cabinet will help us?? So does anyone know about this? If I put my postcode in it just tells me, 'Your postcode unfortunately does not feature in Contract Two'. So completely confused. Sadly here no line of sight system works which would be cheaper, therefore, we are stuck when this EE contract goes. The expenses when it goes will increase twice fold. So not looking forward to that day. In which case we shall just have to turn off the internet. I know we can get money for installment of equipment, but we still have to pay for the GB's. SO if this Stixwould cabinet is going to help we will breath a sigh of relief
Good Morning Tony,

Can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to my E Mail address below and I will take a look and get back to you.


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