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Hi OL,

Are you able to give me an update on when Bitchfield will be upgraded? I've noticed there has been some work recently on the corner of Ingoldsby Rd and a new cabinet seems to have been installed....Does this mean we will be connected soon? Thanks Alan
I live on ingoldsby road and would love to know when the new cabinet goes live.
From talking to workmen months ago there is no fibre in cabinet yet. A neighbour did say he thought it would be live end of September, but I do not know if this will be so. I find it difficult to know who should be contacted for any information re this new cabinet. Information in phase 3 roll out says that we would get Fiber to property, but will this new cabinet mean we get fiber to cabinet? So many questions lol


Good Morning Marea,

Can you please send me your full address and postcode in confidence to my E Mail below and I will look into it.

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