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Bracebridge heath Barrat Estate

Does anyone know when Bracebridge heath will get better broadband options particularly for those who live on the barrat estate who do not have access to virgin medias service? i get a whopping 0.5mbs download speed on a good day. many thanks
Yes, I would also like to know the same information. I have lived on the estate since it was still being build and our phone live broadband is terrible as we are all hooked up to the Lincoln exchange and not the Waddington exchange a few fields away. Throughout this time my broadband has ground to an almost halt with us getting actual speeds that we could get with dial up. I have had detailed discussions with Virgin but the cost to bring cable to our house is far beyond their limits. I have had talks with Wide area WIFI providers but the survey revealed no reception on the estate. I have used mobile broadband which is not fast enough and satelite broadband is just to expensive.

The broadband in this estate is a joke and we urgently need help, we are looking to move away now for this reason alone, such a shame. Please someone help us!
According to the data we hold the Lincoln exchange is currently being upgraded. There are a number of street side cabinets in Bracebridge Heath but whether they have been included I am not certain. If I can find that information I will post it on this site for you.
I have some great news. The Barrat estate can now get Fibre Optic Broadband through a phone line. I believe its Fibre to Cabinet Broadband and you can sign up for a BT Infinity Contract.

Alternativly you can choose another provider. As I was in minimum contract with sky I ordered Sky Fibre Optic Broadband. After a few problems with got the order to go through. It is basicly BT infinity but instead Sky uses BT wholesale and BT openreach to wire you up.

For me it was a case of needing to see it to belive it so I did not post until I could confirm that it works, and I am pleased to report it does! After I have ordered high speed broadband from various providers only to find it does not work on the installation day I was very sceptical.

Im currently running at about 25meg. Sky estimates 40meg, BT estimates 55meg. Sky slowly increase your speed over two weeks and as I only got it last Wednesday I dont know what my final speed will end up being! But at 20meg its good enough to do everything we could not do before like youtube, iplayer and on demand HD content!

I can see no reason why the rest of the estate could not get it right now, as the cabinbet on the corner of Sycamore Grove/Sleaford Road is now Fibre Optic enabled!,
Chris Williams,

Would you be able to tell me which part of the estate your on please? We currently live at the top of Watling Close, and receive between 0.7 and 1 meg download, very intermittent though. I was interested in what you had written in regards to the "fibre" option, having gone through Sky's website, they have stated that we cannot receive this???? How on Gods Earth do we resolve what is a very frustrating service? ,
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