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Businesses get an insight into ‘superfast broadband’ future

20th January 2014
Businesses get an insight into ‘superfast broadband’ future

Businesses in Lincolnshire and Rutland have been finding out how superfast fibre broadband will radically improve the way that they do business online.

Through a series of workshops, run by Onlincolnshire and Digital Rutland, practical advice and information was shared about how to get the most from improved broadband connectivity.

Talking about the first workshop, which took place in Greetham in Rutland during December, Cllr Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “There has been a lot of talk about superfast broadband. But sometimes it is difficult to understand what the impact is on business and how it will really help."

“Everyone uses the internet for different things – from checking emails and working remotely, to streaming TV and using internet telephony. We will be running a series of workshops across Lincolnshire and Rutland over the next 18 months which will allow local businesses to ask specific questions relating to their online activity.

“At the first workshop there were a number of small group sessions that allowed us to answer questions on a one-to-one basis and identify untapped online opportunities.

“By helping local businesses harness and understand the potential of superfast connectivity, we hope SMEs with high growth potential will have the means to become more competitive in a global market.

“The workshop was the first in a series which are planned to take place throughout 2014. The next one will be in Spalding.”

Council Leader Roger Begy, from Rutland County Council, commented: “Superfast broadband brings with it a wide range of benefits for business, particularly in a sparsely populated area like Rutland. With the growth and potential for home working and businesses based in our villages, it’s important that we make sure everyone is aware of how it can help them and how to benefit from the new technology.”

The workshops are supporting a multi-million pound broadband partnership between Lincolnshire County Council, Rutland County Council, the district councils, BT and the Government which aims to boost broadband speeds across the counties.

“The workshops are supporting multi-million pound broadband projects across Rutland and Lincolnshire, with both areas working with BT and the Government to boost broadband speed”

The workshops will help inform local businesses about the changes, as well as give them free support and master classes on how to get the best value from superfast broadband.

For more information about the difference superfast broardband will make to your business, log onto www.onlincolnshire.org or www.rutland.gov.uk/digitalrutland or alternatively call the Lincolnshire and Rutland Superfast Broadband team on 0300 80 80 120.