Local Broadband News

Delays to Broadband Upgrades around the county

7th June 2018

At this point in time in Lincolnshire, we have a number of premises that are delayed as a result of what BT term a 'Live to Live' (L2L) scenario.


In simple terms, in order to complete the upgrade of the affected structures, BT has to work on a structure that has already been fibre enabled and is therefore deemed to be 'Live'. Under the terms of their agreements with the various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Ofcom, BT is obligated to contact all ISPs that are providing service off the relevant structure and seek agreement for the changeover (upgrade) to be completed. Whilst the actual work involved is routine, the process itself is creating delays, particularly where additional work in the Telephone Exchange is required,


BT is having some issues getting the ISPs agreement to complete this work in a timely manner. This is a problem across the UK and not just in Lincolnshire and both BT and BDUK are working with the various parties to try to move this issue along to a timely conclusion.


In the interim, the Lincolnshire Broadband Team will be happy to receive enquiries as usual from interested Lincolnshire residents.