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Full fibre broadband

6th November 2018
Full fibre broadband

Quickline are now building their own network that can deliver broadband at speeds of 100Mbps up to 1000Mbps future proofing businesses broadband needs and cutting company costs. This is being done through a full fibre broadband solution to your business.


Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, and the government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain. As part of this commitment in March 2018 a £67 million Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was announced.


Gigabit vouchers can be used by small and medium sized businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit capable connection.


One gigabit is the same as 1000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit businesses into the future. Quickline are a Registered Supplier on the scheme and have been approved to deliver a number of full fibre projects across the North of England.


Hayley Silvester, from Quickline Communications, said:


“Full fibre broadband or FttP is the gold standard of broadband. It delivers a fibre connection straight from the internet into your office. It is capable of speeds of over 1000Mbps (1 Gigabit).”


“Currently only 1% of business premises in the UK have Full fibre broadband. It will save you money compared to a leased line and will provide a broadband service that will meet all your needs now and in the future!”