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Lincolnshire gets a slice of £10m broadband fund

27th June 2014
Lincolnshire gets a slice of £10m broadband fund

Lincolnshire projects and businesses will receive a slice of the £10 million broadband innovation fund from the government.

With the government’s current nationwide rollout already reaching more than 20,000 new premises each week and on track to deliver superfast to 95% of the UK by 2017, the focus is now moving to exploring ways to reach those premises in the final 5%. 

Eight shortlisted pilots will explore how to expand coverage in remote areas, using fixed wireless and satellite technologies, a social investment financial model and an operating model which aggregates small rural networks, to ensure no-one is left behind in the digital slow lane.

Lincoln-based AB Internet, which delivered wireless broadband projects through Onlincolnshire in the county, has won £847,000 to deliver a hybrid fixed line/fixed wireless superfast rural broadband network in Wales. All services on the proposed pilot network will be delivered via an end to end network and will deliver end user speeds of up to 50Mbps.

Meanwhile, Quickline Communications has won a £2 million contract to test a range of line of sight, near line of sight and non-line of site technologies combined with a BDUK funded voucher scheme to maximise early uptake and avoid social exclusion in the North Lincolnshire area. 

Rural Affairs Minister Dan Rogerson said: “Fast and reliable broadband revolutionises everything from how we work and how our children learn, to how we spend our leisure time and engage with public services. 

“It is critical that we explore how to get superfast broadband out to these hard to reach areas to allow business to be more productive, innovative and competitive, which is crucial for building a stronger rural economy and fairer society,” he added.