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Sneak peek at Horncastle’s future technology hub gear

6th September 2013
Sneak peek at Horncastle’s future technology hub gear

Local businesses and organisations had a chance to try out first-hand the kind of cutting-edge technology that would be available in the upcoming Onlincolnshire Technology Hub in Horncastle.

The Horncastle Technology Hub, the second of its kind after Mablethorpe, will eventually be based at Mortons of Horncastle, an independent printing and publishing business, and open in early 2014.

The Onlincolnshire demo event was held on Thursday, 5th September at the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth, which is also due to be home to a Technology Hub later in the year.

Louth Hub Demo 1

Around 30 businesses attended the demo event, which was set up by Onlincolnshire to get feedback from organisations that could use the resource to ensure that the equipment chosen will be of benefit.

The initiative, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), offers access to equipment including laser cutters, 3D printers and scanners, 3D TVs and 3D video cameras.

Louth Hub Demo 2

The day was informal, with people dropping in at a time suitable for them and staying as long as they like.

Nick Scully, Research and Development Manager at Martin Manufacturing in Louth, attended the event. 

“It’s great to see the equipment in use and understand the applications it could be used for,” explained Nick, who also got to see some of the 3D motion sensor kit which will be available through the Louth Hub once it opens.

“The motion sensor kit, which works by measuring speed, is something I didn’t expect to see. It could help us with high-speed filming of fluid flows, which we can then use to refine some of our designs. That kind of data is almost impossible to gather otherwise.”

Louth Hub Demo 3

Philip Sharpe, Chairman of Mortons of Horncastle, said: “The equipment available is very exciting. We are delighted that Mortons has been chosen to be a Technology Hub and pleased by how successful the demonstration event has been.

“It will offer businesses a chance to test-drive equipment before making an investment, or just take advantage of the free use of equipment, paying only for the materials used. We want to see as many people as possible making use of such a valuable resource.”

All of the equipment purchased for the hubs through the Onlincolnshire project can be borrowed and used for free by eligible businesses, with just a small charge to cover insurance costs and materials used. 

Louth Hub Demo 4

Councillor Colin Davie from Lincolnshire County Council said: “We’re thrilled with the turn-out at our demonstration event and the numbers show that there is a real level of interest from businesses looking to take the next steps into the digital age.

“We’ve seen managing directors, representatives from organisations such as The Prince’s Trust and sole traders, so there is a diverse mix of businesses which could eventually use the hub.  We’ll now look at all the feedback to determine what equipment we’ll look to place in the Horncastle Hub early next year.”

The first Lincolnshire Technology Hub is now open in Mablethorpe at the Coastal Centre and houses a 3D scanner, 3D printer and a Laser Cutter. This hub also hosts a sharing circle of smaller items available to use away from the centre. You can attend a facilitated workshop at the Mablethorpe Technology Hub on the last Friday of each month.

Photos by Stuart Wilde Photography