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Superfast Boost to Lincolnshire Rural Retreat Business

26th September 2016
Superfast Boost to Lincolnshire Rural Retreat Business



A Lincolnshire based family run business has received a major boost in customer numbers, due to a new superfast wireless broadband connection from Quickline Communications.


Owners of Rural Roosts, Katie and Tim Olivant, provide self-catering pine holiday lodges in a peaceful countryside setting as part of their farm business, which is located in the quiet village of Stainfield, 8 miles east of Lincoln.

The owners were concerned when potential customers who enquired about the WiFi connection prior to visiting, quite often didn’t make the booking as they wanted to stay connected whilst enjoying a break.

Katie Olivant says:

“As much as it is great to get away from modern-life, guests of Rural Roosts did not have access to a reasonable internet connection. With our previous internet provider, the farm was too far away from the exchange, only able to receive up to 2Mbps and with no hope of improvement in sight, we were very concerned, as occasionally customers complained about the WiFi and some who enquired about it before booking, were put off altogether.”

“We had started to loose bookings because we couldn’t offer reliable internet but after discovering Quickline, we tested the service out in our home and farm office as we wanted to be sure it was good. Sometimes a poor connection is more frustrating than no connection at all, so we wanted to put Quickline to the test before offering it to our customers.”

“We were instantly impressed with the service, which enabled us to do everything we wanted online. What a difference a fast connection made to us using the internet for general everyday use and, so we decided to take the plunge and connected all of the lodges.”

“Now our connection speed is 30Mbps, needless to say we are very happy with the service. It gives our customers the opportunity to stay in touch with work, if they want to and also use social media. It is definitely a strong selling point for our countryside retreat and we have had great feedback, with some guests commenting it is faster than their connection at home.”

Steve Jagger is the Managing Director of Quickline. He says:

“I am absolutely delighted that Rural Roosts have benefited so much from having our service. They signed up to our Beanstalk Pro package and also ConnectCall which provides a landline telephone service and as a result, their story is a great example of the difference superfast broadband makes to a business.”

“Being able to tell new customers that they will have a great quality internet connection has resulted in new bookings for Rural Roosts, rather than having to disappoint. We are offering the same benefits to many more business and residential customers throughout Lincolnshire which was previously one of the UK’s hardest to reach areas.”

“Rural Roosts offer a little bit of paradise with the benefits of home, I can absolutely recommend a visit, and you won’t want to leave.”

Find out more about Rural Roosts on their website:


Or contact them by telephone or email

T: 01526 398492

M: 07712 771102

Email: katie@ruralroosts.co.uk

Visitors enjoy 300 acres of grassland, wild flower meadows, wetlands, birds and other wildlife along with the farm’s sheep and Hereford cattle. Rural Roosts is the perfect rural retreat.

Visit Quicklines website here:


Quickline Communications Limited, Unit
3, Priory Court, Saxon Way, Hessle, HU13 9PB
. Tel 01482 247365.

Quickline recently successfully completed a government pilot to test the capability of wireless broadband in Northern Lincolnshire, as part of the BDUK project to connect the last 5 percent of the hardest to reach areas of the UK.

Quickline delivers broadband services to Business, Public Sector and Residential customers through a unique Wireless and Fibre network and are completely independent of traditional service providers.

Its infrastructure means it can deliver high speed reliable solutions to both urban and rural locations, supported by own highly skilled engineers.