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Wireless broadband links up Lincolnshire

23rd May 2014
Wireless broadband links up Lincolnshire

Wireless internet service provider AB Internet is expanding its superfast broadband network across Lincolnshire, with more residents and businesses benefitting from better connections.

AB Internet has been installing dozens of transmitters in the county, widening and improving coverage. The work has been made possible thanks to £300,000 from the European Regional Development Fund and Onlincolnshire.

For Mark Buckley, Director at TJS Web Services, life before AB Internet was very different with painfully slow internet connection, not only affecting how he ran his business but for the sanity of his two teenage sons.

With an old ADSL line and two residential lines at their Boston home, Mark and his family needed an alternative to get better access to the world they now lived in. Mark lives near Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital where a mast is fitted.

Mark said: “When I heard about AB Internet’s superfast wireless service, I knew I had to give it a go! The AB team were a breath of fresh air. Reliable and prompt, they came and did the job with minimum fuss.

“Usually with a telecoms company, it involves disruption, wires everywhere and just plain hard work. Also matching up the hardware provider with BT was something else on the list I could do without.

“With AB Internet there was none of that. It was simple and straight forward. My wife is happy as the box is small and hidden and my children even happier as they are now connected to the internet like never before.

“Superfast broadband means that I have better access to my business and can plan my week around working from home when I need to”.

Superfast wireless broadband is currently rolled out across Lincolnshire. To find out how you can become superfast enabled, register on line at http://superfast.abinternet.co.uk/ or call AB Internet’s customer team on 0800 9520080.