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Wireless Superfast Broadband is live in West Lindsey

11th February 2016

 Quickline Communications

Quickline Communications has expanded its broadband coverage in West Lindsey to provide both residents and businesses with internet connection speeds of up to 50Mbps, even in remote rural areas.


In the past, some of the more rural homes, farms and businesses that were too far away from the street cabinets used by traditional telecoms companies, were out of reach of the cabinets and these properties were subject to very poor internet connections, in some cases could receive no connection at all.

The main reason for the delay in joining the rest of the UK with superfast broadband is the remote rural landscape that stretches across hills and dales, making the investment from traditional telecoms companies inviable.

Wireless internet is a reliable alternative which reduces the costs associated with delivering broadband, as there is no need to dig up roads to lay fibre or copper wires and the service does not rely on a telephone landline. Instead it works via a small non-invasive device that is securely fixed to the roof of a property which then transmits to the nearest mast site.

Quickline Communications is an independent service provider (ISP) serving Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and in partnership with West Lindsey District Council, the team developed a strategy to deliver some the fastest connection speeds in the whole of Lincolnshire via the installation of a number of transmitters across the district and has connected customers in the villages of Upton, Northorpe, East Stockwith, around the Trent Bank and surrounding areas.
Steve Bolan, Operation Director at Quickline Communications says:

“Our plan is to revolutionise the way that people live and work in West Lindsey. Quickline is able to offer brand new services including superfast broadband and telephone services (VoIP), all without the need for a traditional telephone landline connection.”

“West Lindsey communities need to be able to rely on having superfast broadband for everyday life and we are working with local businesses and setting up resellers in village shops and pubs to help raise awareness of our availability.”

“In addition, we may be able to help some new customers gain access to a free subsidy if they currently only have access to internet speeds of 2Mbps or less.”

Watch out for a mailer which will be hitting local doorsteps in the next few weeks with more information.

If you live in West Lindsey and do not currently have access to speeds of 2Mbps you can find out more, and apply for the subisdy, below. Alternatively, please call Quickline on 01482 247365 or visit their website at www.quickline.co.uk


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