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15th December 2014
National Broadband Programme

Homes and businesses in Lincolnshire are being encouraged to sign up for superfast broadband. This comes as part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits faster internet speeds can bring.

The public sector is investing  £1.7 billion in the UK’s digital infrastructure so that 95 per cent of businesses and homes across the UK will be able to access superfast broadband.

Superfast broadband is already available in 78 per cent of the UK.   Here, in Lincolnshire the Government’s rollout of superfast broadband has brought faster internet speeds to more than 62000 homes and businesses   But latest figures show that many people are not aware whether they can get superfast broadband where they live, or what they need to do to take up the service...

Research shows that UK homes are getting more connected, with the average number of digital devices in the home increasing rapidly. Superfast broadband can help meet the need to operate computers, tablets, set top boxes and smartphones at the same time, and help users to enjoy the options of working at home, running a small business or catching up on favourite TV programmes and films.

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