Project Updates

Project Update - Week Ending 14th November 2014

14th November 2014

Since the last update another 6 cabinet has been enabled which covers an additional 1376 premises.

Cabinet 1 on the GOSBERTON exchange

Cabinet 1 on the WICKENBY exchange

Cabinet 1 on the SUTTERTON exchange

Cabinet 3 on the CONINGSBY exchange

Cabinet 6 on the CONINGSBY exchange

Cabinet 3 on the RUSKINGTON exchange


Progress Updates

Coningsby 4  - Still awaiting removal of asbestos from a power duct.

Grantham 81 - Waiting for the cabinet to be stood – this will likely be after Christmas

Horncastle 3 - DSLAM to be re-sited on the instruction of HA officer for the area

Moulton Chapel 1– 4 of the 5 required jobs are currently progressing for this cab. Planners are organising the completion of job five of five.

Scampton 4 - This is due for completion on the 16th November. The cabinet will then be ready for service (RFS) – will be able to take orders 2 weeks after this.

Scampton 2 – This cab requires 386mtrs of new duct and is with the engineering team as a priority

Scampton 6 – Waiting for Meter Certification – Engineers will get this booked in as soon as possible. We hope to see this work finalised around the 19th November.

South Rauceby 1 – due to be completed before the end of December

South Rauceby 2 – Land adoption in progress - Public Notice in place for one month. This is now in place and it is due to end in mid-November.

Spalding 50 – Due to unforeseen delays this cabinet is not going to be stood until the end of December

Spalford 1 – All infrastructure complete – now need to splice through Lincoln exchange, Birchwood exchange and Welton exchange to bring light to this cabinet.

Sudbrooke 11 – UPDATE 19/11/2014. Engineering to be completed by Monday 24/11/2014. Approximatley 2 weeks after this ISP's will be able to take orders on this cabinet

Wainfleet 4 – Cable recovery has been completed; caballing resource is pulling in sub-duct this weekend.


Progress 2014 November


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