Project Updates

Project Update - Week ending 16th September 2016

16th September 2016

Contract two phase one

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CAPACITY - We are aware that some cabinets are at capacity, which will mean that you cannot order an upgrade at this point in time. BT is aware of this issue and is working to upgrade your cabinet. Unfortunately, BT do not provide information to us regarding when individual cabinets will be updated. They have launched a new 'waiting list' facility. Please ensure that you are put on this waiting list by your ISP.

Completed cabinet list

No structures enabled this week

Can you get it? Check using these PDF instructions if you'd like to know before contacting the Internet Service Provider of your choice

Delayed cabinets

Dowsby 602 - work complete, now in commissioning

Fulbeck 606 - BT intend to move the cabinet so that it provides more benefit and there is more planning associated with doing this

Gosberton 5 – Wayleave finally agreed with Network Rail. Now going to install poles either side of the bridge and then provide Fibre dropwire to the next node. With contractor poling teams for erection of overhead fibre route

Holbeach St Johns 1 - The planners had missed off a manifold so we had to moleplough that leg. Moleplough ongoing

Metheringham 3/2 (Nocton) - 'Ready for service,' all engineering works and commisioning complete. Just awaiting the updates to wholesale computer records which may take a little longer than the usual two week timeframe as this is a brand new cabinet. 

Spalding 16 – Discussions ongoing with property owner


To check if enhanced services are available at your address you can use the following link Wholesale Availability Checker, if enhanced services are available you will notice FTTC listed in the "Featured Products" column of the table. Those wishing to upgrade should contact their Internet Service Provide