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Can you get faster broadband?

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Download our PDF guide to find out how to check

Options available to get faster broadband

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Please download this PDF to find out how to access faster broadband

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Ofcom Wifi checker app

Ofcom’s new app tells you if your home Wi-Fi is likely to be slowing down your broadband - it also gives useful tips on how to improve your broadband connection.

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Ofcom Mobile Coverage Map

This map uses signal level predictions provided by the four UK mobile network operators. Ofcom has tested actual coverage in various locations around the UK, and used the results to set the thresholds for voice calls used on the map.

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This speed test will let you see what speeds you are accessing. It will also help build a picture of the internet speeds in Lincolnshire, both now and as the onlincolnshire project progresses.

Before running this speed test please disconnect all other devices connected to your internet connections and close all other windows and applications on the computer/tablet/phone you use to run the test. Some television viewing boxes connect to the internet - please ensure these are either switched off or disconnected.

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