Community advice - pool your subsidy codes

Communities working together 

Onlincolnshire are trying to help communities to help themselves, so that more people can benefit from the subsidy scheme which aims to facilitate the installation of a 'faster' product. As a programme, we are unable to intervene in this aspect of making use of your codes but we can provide advice.

If a particular subsidy scheme provider cannot currently offer a solution in an particular area, they may be able to expand their network into that area if the community pool their subsidy codes. Many of the suppliers need justification to deploy to an area; the more potential customers wanting their product, the better.

How can communities organise this?

If you are interested in starting up a community initiative your first step would be to approach a supplier to see if there is any possibility of them can extend their network to cover your community. Once you have this clarification and have discussed how many people /funding they would need, you can start your community campaign. When you have enough registered interest, you can take the information from the forum and approach the supplier of your choice.

If you chose to, you could always make use of the onlincolnshire forum pages so that there is a central point of collaboration for your community. You may wish to specify your aims so that all visitors know which supplier you are considering etc. See the 'pool your subsidy codes using this forum' stream and launch a new topic for your village. Alternatively, community champions can collate potential customers with, or without codes, without making use of this.

How do I access the forum

You will need to sign up for the newsletter and forum as one. Please visit this page to register 

How can I get a code?

To check eligibility and to apply, please visit the subsidy scheme page. There are certain criteria that must be met, for example, you should not currently have access to speeds of over 2mbps.

I'm not eligible for a code - can I still be part of a community scheme?

Yes, but you will need to pay for full installation costs as this will not be subsidised by the programme

Will I still be eligible for intervention from the onlincolnshire programme?

Many of the supplementary suppliers cannot provide a 'superfast' solution, but can provide you with faster broadband. If you make use of your code with a supplier you will not necessarily be ineligible for further intervention. Please contact us if you have any queries about future eligibility